Reseda, CA: Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

Rodents in HVAC systems can pose a significant health risk. Their urine and droppings are a great source of diseases, including the deadly hantavirus. This disease can also be transmitted to cotton rats, deer mice, or white-footed mouse. Plague can be transmitted to rodents. Fleas and other germs can be spread by rodents. This problem can be very dangerous so you need to know how to prevent it.



First, clean the entire duct system of dust and debris. This is often due to construction debris or someone using the air duct as a dustpan. These debris can be hard to get rid of with a vacuum. There are many specialized tools that can assist with this task. These are some tips that will help ensure a clean duct network.

You can improve your indoor air quality by having dust removed during HVAC duct cleaning if you are worried about your home’s air quality. Pollen, mold, and mildew are all common contaminants in household dust. Other contaminants include old cooking smells and pets. Dust in your ducts can create a musty stench. You can prevent unpleasant odors by having your air ducts cleaned by a reliable company.



Because many air ducts don’t get regular cleaning, environmental fungi can flourish and spread throughout your home. While viruses and bacteria will not infect you, they can spread to other areas of the house. It is possible to minimize the risks by having your ducts cleaned. Many homeowners do so. Here’s what to know about microorganisms and air duct cleaning.

Your air duct cleaning company may recommend that you use a chemical biological biocide to kill bacteria or fungi, and prevent future growth. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that can cause lung irritations and is controlled in outdoor air. Some service providers may recommend chemical biocides. There are some questions about whether biocides are necessary. Some doctors also have concerns about the safety of using ozone.


Construction debris

When you build a new house, dust from sawdust and drywall can get trapped in the supply and back air ducts. It might be worth cleaning your air ducts if you aren’t a fan the unusual smell and staleness of the air. This can help you breathe better and solve your problems. Here are some of these benefits: Professional air duct cleaning.


Construction can be messy. Contractors need to cover all work areas. Dust will always find its ways into the air-ducts. The HVAC system should be turned off while construction is underway. However, any debris or building materials that are left behind will get trapped in the ductwork. After renovations are finished, it is important to thoroughly clean your air ducts. A video inspection of your air ducts is a great idea. This will give you a better understanding about what needs to be done.



You may have mold in your central heating or air conditioning system. The mold spores in your environment can spread throughout your entire home. These mold spores spread quickly to other rooms in your home when they become disturbed. Mold removal is essential to stop the growth and restoration of mold in your home.

For mold removal, DIY solutions are available such as 1 part bleach and 16 parts water. You can use this method to remove mold from non-porous surfaces. But, it is best to be cautious, as improper cleaning can lead mold growth. It is best to leave professional mold removal to professionals who are familiar with how to properly clean mold. Mold removal in the air ducts can be dangerous and time-consuming so leave it to professionals.


Carbon filtration

Carbon filters employ adsorption to remove polluting airborne particles. When the particles stick onto the carbon surface, they are called adsorption. While adsorption occurs when particles stick to carbon surfaces, absorption happens when pollutants are trapped in the carbon structure. Both methods work well for cleaning air-ducts. Absorption however, works best with liquids and gases. Carbon filters employ a combination of both adsorption as well as absorption. The amount of dust and other particles in air is reduced by adsorption, while liquids and gases absorb the most.

By heating carbon to 400 to 900 degrees celsius, activated carbon can be created. After the carbon has been heated to a temperature of 400 to 900 degrees celsius, it undergoes post-treatment to complete its transformation. The carbon is then manufactured into a desired shape and size. Granular carbon is used in air filters. Granular carbon is composed of small carbon particles that are tiny enough to fit inside the pores in a standard filter. This type of carbon filter can be paired with an Inline Duct Fan.


EPA study

It has been debated whether or not air duct cleaning is necessary. If indoor air quality is very poor, some experts recommend duct cleaning. Other experts suggest duct cleaning every other month to improve indoor air quality. No matter what your personal opinion, air duct cleaning offers many benefits. This article will discuss some of these advantages.

A small amount of household dust can be harmless, according to an EPA study. It is true that dust is harmless in small quantities, but mixing it up can cause bigger problems. People report that they are able to breath better when their air ducts have been cleaned. While this may seem like a wasteful effort, it is important to keep in mind that not all ducts can be cleaned the same.


Stanley Steemer method

Stanley Steemer uses an HEPA-filtered vacuum for air duct cleaning. This vacuum removes all dirt and dust. This method is recommended every three-five years and is superior to all others. Stanley Steemer is the right choice, thanks to its highly skilled technicians and high-quality equipment. It offers superior cleaning services and gives you the peace-of-mind that you need.

This will ensure that your dryer vents are clean and prevent harmful lint entering your home. Dryer vents that are professionally cleaned will save you money and improve your energy efficiency. They also prevent dryer fires. This technician can also clean the supply and return vent covers. A Stanley Steemer technician is also available to help improve the airflow, temperature and dust in your house. You’ve probably experienced a cold, a cough, or other symptoms that can result from inhaling dust and dander.


Chemical biocide

You should be aware of the potential dangers involved in using chemical biocide to clean your ducts. Biocide is not a safe cleaning product and should be avoided on ducts that have been insulated. Biocide is also not safe for fiberglass lining ducts. To avoid potential health problems, make sure you read the label.

Air duct cleaning companies may use chemical biocide to kill bacteria and prevent future growth. Biocides are powerful chemicals that can cause damage to the human body. It is important that occupants stay clear of the ducts during air duct cleaning. Some companies recommend the use of ozone, which can be a highly reactive gas and is regulated in the outside environment as a lung irritation. While chemical biocides offer many benefits, they may not be suitable for all applications.



Prices for air duct cleaning vary depending upon many factors including the size and accessibility of vents, their contamination, and the cost of HVAC system and ductwork. Air duct cleaning is a cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality. However, it can be costly for specialized services that can run up to $1,000. Large buildings may require custom ductwork. Ask the company for a quote.

Cost of air duct cleaning will be affected by whether rodents are present in the ductwork. Air duct cleaning will be more expensive if there are rodents living in your ductwork. Before you call for a professional to clean your ducts, be sure to check for signs of rodent infestation. Before hiring a professional to clean your HVAC ductwork, you might need to make some other repairs in your home.