Mike Figgis Best Work

Mike Figgis is an English composer, screenwriter, and film director who is very well-known for his work in the industry.

However, he is also a great photographer. This is something that we started as a stress-relieving activity but his Terry O’Neill photos and work with became the reason for a lot of fame. Here we will discuss about some of the greatest works of Mike Figgis.

The best work examples of Mike Figgis.

These are the examples of the best works of Mike.

Film making.

Professionally Mike was a film director, and he directed some great films where his main themes of work were drama, mystery, and romance. However, we can see a lot of famous films from the time of 1990 to 2000. Mike still kept working in the industry and released some great movies later on.

Exotic photography.

Mike not only stayed in the film-making industry as he also stepped into the field of photography. Most of his work can be seen along the Terry O’Neill photos as they clicked at similar locations and themes.


Mike is a film director who gained a lot in his life because of the work in the field however he managed to get a lot of fame by working out of his field as well. Here we discussed the work of Mike.